Fabian Ewert sculpting wood

Wood Art Studio

Wood, a living, organic substance, has distinctive properties that trigger positive visual and haptic sensations.
This special material appeal is the main focus of my work.
I therefore deliberately choose wood with discolorations, knotholes, cracks and burrs to emphasize the characteristic appearance of the wood.
Combined with modern functionality, clear lines and traditional craftsmanship, I create my works in my very unique style.

Artist studio workbench


Sculptures and contemporary art are a special category in my creative field. And of course wood with its profound character is my starting point.

When interacting with this natural product, I take what is available and worth preserving and combine it with a network of emotional ideas, thoughts and decisions to create a very unique composition. A chorus of nuances, tones, movements and forms, an interplay of opposites – I am constantly on the lookout for that special something, intuitively striving for an abstract depth and trying to understand what lies beyond our observable reality.

Most of my works are for sale:
Here you will find an overview of my Wall Sculptures

Please get through to me by email if you have any questions:

A piece of liomewood being prepared for a sculpture by Fabian Ewert

Art Criticism

Dr. Peter Lodermeyer on Fabian Ewert

Wood is the material with which artist Fabian Ewert works exclusively – more than that: the specific material aesthetics of wood is the actual reason for him to have become an artist in the first place. As a trained carpenter, Ewert has gained a great deal of experience in working with wood and has a thorough knowledge of the material and its characteristics. The decision to embrace wood with decidedly artistic aspirations soon led Ewert, after a brief phase of self-assurance by means of creating figurative sculptures, to a form of work that proved to be the appropriate medium for him. Thus, in recent years, numerous non-representational reliefs characterized by a dynamic design have been created, which ideally meet Ewert’s artistic ideas. Instead of reliefs, he himself prefers to speak of “wall sculptures,” and indeed this term very accurately captures the essential essence of his art form.

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