Close-up view of woodworking tools and wood shavings

Fine Wood in Form and Function

In my workshop, I combine traditional craftsmanship with the design requirements of our time. I create unique works of art, whether in the form of custom-made furniture, wooden objects, sculptures, or reliefs. Each piece is carefully crafted with special attention to detail, uniting the beauty of the original with distinctive, timeless design.

Sculptor Fabian Ewert sculpting contemporary wood art


Sculpture has a very special place in my professional life. It is pure craftsmanship beyond all functionality and with the greatest possible abstract potential. As a freelance sculptor, I create sculptures, reliefs and objects that have a strong presence and a unique identity.

Here you will find a collection of my Wall Sculptures.

Here you can read an art-historical text about my works by art critic Dr. Peter Lodermeyer.

Sculptors workbench with tools

Functional Art & Furniture

For me, furniture and home decor are part of the spectrum of functional art. There are so many ways to design living spaces that it would be a shame to rely solely on industrial mass production. Individual, high-quality pieces are particularly valuable and sustainable products that enhance your own base camp in the long run. Reach out to me if you are ready for customized solutions. I assist in planning, conceptualization, and realization.

Sculpting chisel

Niches, rooms and wonders

Taking the existing space into account when designing new furniture and furnishing elements is important to ensure a harmonious and functional design. Niches and unusually cut rooms make for unexpected and, at best, unconventional solutions. And with the right concept, you can create and expand your living space for the better. If you have very specific requirements for your interior design, we should get to know each other.

Preparing limewood with a chainsaw for Fabian Ewert's wall sculptures

Craftsmanship with expressive power

Of course, modern production methods have their raison d’être in my everyday life. CNC technology, precision machines, electrically operated hand tools – in order to work efficiently, I like to use the latest technology and contemporary materials.

But devoted craftsmanship with a variety of traditional tools and proven artisan techniques is a guarantee for truly exceptional works. And of course, a regional natural product is the ideal starting point. I prefer wood with knots, cracks, and discolourations – wood that by itself already has a story to tell.

German Forest

Local Wood Resources

In my workshop, I exclusively use European woods sourced from responsible forestry. I vehemently reject tropical wood or exotic “precious woods” from distant countries. The intensive deforestation and long transportation distances not only endanger biodiversity and ecosystems but also contribute significantly to climate change. Additionally, illegal logging leads to social conflicts and the exploitation of local populations.

I feel obliged to our planet to compensate for the exploitation of its resource by using wood wisely to create works that are truly timeless.

Woodworking tools on a workbench

Mastering Wood – Biography

I was born in Bonn in 1973, but spent my formative years in South Africa before moving back to Germany at the age of 16.

After graduating from high school, I studied art history, but I longed for creative, practical work and so I gave up my studies to do an apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker. I spent a few years in upscale furniture construction and then expanded my professional activities to include furniture design and sculpture. Here I found the arena in which I could be truly creative.

Since then I have been working in a wide variety of areas in my studio in Königswinter, with a material that, despite all the achievements of our modern age, remains unrivalled.

sculpting tools

Get in touch…

Since I’m on the road quite a lot and can’t always answer the phone, the best way to reach me is by email. Please feel free to contact me. I appreciate every message, and I will respond as quickly as I can.

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