Fabian Ewert Sculptures

There is a continuous urge within me that makes me go to my workshop and start working wood. A sort of creative restlessness. Setting to action with my sculpting tools fulfills me with a very down to earth gratitude. It is a meditative approach, a retreat from the shallow level of the mind, from internal noise. A journey to a pure reality.

Having spent much of my life surrounded by oceans, mountains and forests, I am aware of the intricate, magical moments orchestrated by nature.
I am incredibly intrigued by the idea that the reality we perceive just might not be the whole story. And I am continuously exploring and questioning this idea, intuitively reaching out for a soulful depth, for persuasive power and trying to grasp what is beyond the observable truths of the sciences.

And it always has to be wood. It’s my special ingredient. Wood has a life of its own, a natural beauty. It is in dialogue with nuances, tones, movements and shapes, – and with me and my composition.

I like the interplay of opposites – light and shadow, clarity and uncertainty, modern simplicity, and natural complexity. All these elements make my art forceful and deliberate. They keep me searching for that special something – keep me obsessed and strongly focused on my creative process.


Fabian Ewert - Sculpture Artist

I was born in 1973 in Bonn, but I grew up in South Africa up to the age of 16 and then moved back to Germany.

After graduating from high school, I studied art history, but dropped out to do an apprenticeship as a carpenter. I spent a few years in the profession until I became more and more interested in graphic design. Self-taught I started freelancing and still have my own company today.

However, I always continued to work with wood. Since my childhood in Africa I have always had a down to earth approach to life and a deep admiration for the beauty in nature.

As a sculptor, seeking artistic automny and an arena in which to be truly creative, combining the two disciplines woodworking and graphic design was a logical path for me to follow.

Today I work and live in the greater Cologne/Bonn region with my wife and two children.

Art Criticism

Dr. Peter Lodermeyer on Fabian Ewert

Wood is the material with which artist Fabian Ewert works exclusively – more than that: the specific material aesthetics of wood is the actual reason for him to have become an artist in the first place. As a trained carpenter, Ewert has gained a great deal of experience in working with wood and has a thorough knowledge of the material and its characteristics. The rather late decision to embrace wood with decidedly artistic aspirations soon led Ewert, after a brief phase of self-assurance by means of creating figurative sculptures, to a form of work that proved to be the appropriate medium for him. Thus, in recent years, numerous non-representational reliefs characterized by a dynamic design have been created, which ideally meet Ewert’s artistic ideas. Instead of reliefs, he himself prefers to speak of “wall sculptures,” and indeed this term very accurately captures the essential essence of his art form.

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Art Exhibition

Some of my sculptures are being exhibited in the Galerie Incontro (https://galerie-incontro.de/).

Please check out this wonderful gallery located in an old cigar factory in Eitorf. Home of Giovanni Vetere and many really great artists with an impressive sculpture garden and an excellently curated exhibition.

Please take a look at my profile on the online art sales platform ars mundi